Rulk, Interrupted

Well, it’s happened.  I’ve officially  made a category for exercise/weight loss on this blog.  I suppose since I’m supposed to be writing about my life, and much of my life is about exercise/weight loss, it’s appropriate.  But, still, sigh.  I thought maybe I could pretend my life wasn’t about losing weight, but alas, to thineContinue reading “Rulk, Interrupted”

Little things that are awesome

I was going to write a blog post about the phrase “The Devil’s Advocate”, and I still may, but I find I’m not quite ready for a dissection of a linguistic idiom.  Instead, I feel like sharing stuff like this: These are the fleurs that arrived on my desk on Friday. See, it was myContinue reading “Little things that are awesome”

Sadie’s Corner: A dog’s eye view of March Madness

Ok, something’s going on around here these days.  It has something to do with basketball, I think, and whatever it is, is has my human zoned out on her couch.  Constantly. It also had her pretty bummed earlier today when the Badgers lost (as they have repeatedly; I TOLD her not to build her bracketContinue reading “Sadie’s Corner: A dog’s eye view of March Madness”

A (surprisingly) non-bitter Singles Awareness Day dog/blog post

I hate to sound arrogant, but I am pretty impressed with myself right now.  See, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  I’ve even blogged about it here. So I’m very proud of myself that I could be on facebook today, with all the hearts and photos of flowers and professions of devotion, and notContinue reading “A (surprisingly) non-bitter Singles Awareness Day dog/blog post”

Sometimes all you can do is laugh

Some of the stuff that has gone down in my life has been pretty funny these last two days.  From silly dreams to the kind of happenings at work that are so incredibly unbelievable that all I can do is laugh in despair, I’ve been laughing a lot these two days.  It’s possible these littleContinue reading “Sometimes all you can do is laugh”