A grand western adventure

There are some vacations that, when they are over, however awesome they were, we are glad to get back to our lives. And there are some we wish would never end. Other than a twinge of missing my dog once in a while, my most recent western adventure is one of the latter. Together withContinue reading “A grand western adventure”

The obligatory I-turned-40 post

I turned 40 two weeks ago. I was all set to write my “I turned 40 and I’m gonna be fine” blog post, and then I saw this snarky tweet from the editor of Solo-ish, the Washington Post blog that’s more ish than solo, if you know what I mean. Anyway, she fired off thisContinue reading “The obligatory I-turned-40 post”

Berlin or Bust – Day 2

So, here I sit at the end of Day 3, which involved nothing more than eating, hanging out with girl friends, and experiencing a German spa day, which, while definitely interesting, challenging, and very, very different from my normal comfort zone, isn’t something I want to discuss much on this blog, since, well, my parentsContinue reading “Berlin or Bust – Day 2”

Berlin or Bust – Day 1

So, I last left you at 2:30am as I departed Reykjavik for Berlin. Nothing much to report on that leg of the trip except we left about 90 minutes late and I spent the flight surrounded by a snoring, man-spreading seat mate and three international hipsters in the row behind me who Would. Not. Stop.Continue reading “Berlin or Bust – Day 1”

24 hours in Iceland

Greetings, all. I am back doing my favorite kind of blogging – while traveling! I do these posts mostly for me, so I can recall, despite the forces of jet-lag and fading memory, the moments, people, and places that make traveling so much fun. So if they aren’t my best prose, well, you’ll just have toContinue reading “24 hours in Iceland”