Berlin or Bust – Day 1

So, I last left you at 2:30am as I departed Reykjavik for Berlin. Nothing much to report on that leg of the trip except we left about 90 minutes late and I spent the flight surrounded by a snoring, man-spreading seat mate and three international hipsters in the row behind me who Would. Not. Stop.Continue reading “Berlin or Bust – Day 1”

24 hours in Iceland

Greetings, all. I am back doing my favorite kind of blogging – while traveling! I do these posts mostly for me, so I can recall, despite the forces of jet-lag and fading memory, the moments, people, and places that make traveling so much fun. So if they aren’t my best prose, well, you’ll just have toContinue reading “24 hours in Iceland”

Losing everything but my mind…hopefully

When I look back on this week, I am thoroughly shocked that I have managed to be here, on my couch, with my dog beside me and a casserole in the oven. Surely, at any moment, I’m going to realize something disastrous I have done, or forgotten to do. I just know it. Because, y’all, it’s notContinue reading “Losing everything but my mind…hopefully”

Therapy, thy name is California

Confession time. When I lived in Arkansas and it got “cold”, I would judge my fellow Arkansans on their inability to withstand winter temperatures. I would routinely, in my judgmental Yankee head, and sometimes out loud, scoff, “I’m from New England! This isn’t cold!” However, when I was searching for my next home, I really,Continue reading “Therapy, thy name is California”

Happy Holidays from Boston

I’ve been Boston for 20 days now, not counting my little “training” visit back in November. And I have a problem. I can’t seem to figure out what to say about it. The problem is that this whole thing, this whole adventure – it doesn’t feel real. I keep waiting for the conference to endContinue reading “Happy Holidays from Boston”