New York City like I’ve never seen her

Snow days. Let me state unequivocally that I love snow days, despite the stress they cause my friends who are parents, despite the fact that work-from-home technology has robbed them of their magic. I still love them. They are for cuddling, comfy pants, sledding, and hot toddies. They are for stews and soups and binge-watching, for slippersContinue reading “New York City like I’ve never seen her”

Therapy, thy name is California

Confession time. When I lived in Arkansas and it got “cold”, I would judge my fellow Arkansans on their inability to withstand winter temperatures. I would routinely, in my judgmental Yankee head, and sometimes out loud, scoff, “I’m from New England! This isn’t cold!” However, when I was searching for my next home, I really,Continue reading “Therapy, thy name is California”