Jodi and SadieHello there!  Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Jodi, and I’m recently moved from beautiful Northwest Arkansas back home to beautiful New England, Boston in particular. (For those who have always wondered, AR is the abbreviation for Arkansas. It’s not AK; that’s Alaska. For my fellow Yankees, if you want to label yourself as a snobby Yankee, mess those abbreviations up. And for my friends down South, all of these “little states up in the corner” are in fact quite different. Ok, cultural lecture over.) As you can tell from my accent, I’m a Yankee born & bred. I have a love of corn chowder and the Red Sox that makes no sense to my friends in Arkansas, I’m sure. But I’ve acquired a love of grits, sweet tea (sort of) and I know how to call the Hogs, so I guess you could say I’m adaptable.

For the past few years, I’ve fretted over “finding my blogging voice,” but recently I’ve decided not to worry about it. This is my blog. I blog about what matters in my life, the big and the small, and if you decide to read it, you’re my friend. If you don’t, well, that’s ok too. There’s a lot of stuff to read out there. Mostly, I blog because it helps me try to makes sense of crazy, mixed-up, awful and awe-full world that we inhabit. And it’s far, far cheaper than therapy.

I am a single gal of an age where that makes me a minority, but this isn’t a blog about dating; there are enough of those in the world. I’m a dog owner, but you’ll only find a bit of canine conversation here. I’m an arts administrator, and happy to say that it’s exactly the right career for me. I’m also a mid-career executive who went through a bit of a trauma in leaving a job and finding a new one, so if you read my archives, you’ll hear about that. I’m a seeker and a thinker, a big-time dreamer, and I love to write.  So that’s what I’m doing; seeking, thinking, dreaming, writing, and trying to live a life of meaning in my little corner of the world.

Everything and A Racehorse, by the way, doesn’t really mean anything.  It’s just a few words that I like the sound of.  They came together in 1997, while I was lying on my back in the stern of a boat cruising Lake Geneva in Switzerland.  A friend and I were discussing band names.  It was the 90’s…Everything and A Racehorse sounded cool.  I imagined myself singing in that band.  The band never happened, obviously, but the name endured.

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