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  • I'm too cool for resolutions…or not
    For the 2nd year in a row, I have welcomed the New Year by being sick. Not how I intended things to go – either year – but little children and their stomach bugs seem destined to take me down occasionally. Not much to be done about it when #aunting is a routine part of … Read more
  • Giving thanks: a quiet end to the #52hike challenge
    I started this post the night before Thanksgiving, but it got too busy to finish it. Now it's the day after Thanksgiving and the serenity of that moment is gone, but the sentiments remain. Here on the this Thanksgiving eve, before the Turkey Trots and family visits…after the food prep is done and Sadie and … Read more
  • Do you document your victories?
    Recently, I've been seeing a nutritionist. Behind those words are a ton of baggage. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that I've spent a lifetime trying to lose weight, and asking for help has never really been my strong suit. Lately, I've found myself more willing to forgive myself for these so-called … Read more


Everything and a Racehorse

I navigate this world solo, and much of what I write about wrestles with that. I love to travel and hike and take pictures, and you spend any time here, you’ll find I’m a little obsessed with my rescue dog, Sadie.

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