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  • Solo snaps: A cold sunset, a year later
    NOTE: I started this post nearly one year ago. I have not hit publish on it, because, frankly, I felt some embarrassment about some of the emotions and reactions I described. They seemed foolish upon reading, and it's hard for me to seem foolish (even though it happens quite a lot!). But a lot has … Read more
  • The Return to Delicate Arch, plus a visit Goblin Valley State Park (and other places)
    Back in May of this year, I traveled for a brief weekend of hiking and exploring in Utah, where my friend Shawn lives. It's odd that I haven't written much about it yet. This week, while talking to my parents, who are out in that same area having an epic vacation, I suddenly felt the … Read more
  • Fear…on the trail and elsewhere
    I found this post from early 2017 that I never published. Here it is for your reading pleasure, with an addendum for 2019. -Jodi Yesterday, I was out for a walk with Sadie in the giant Arboretum near our Boston apartment. It's honestly one of my favorite places on earth. It's been around since the … Read more


Everything and a Racehorse

I navigate this world solo, and much of what I write about wrestles with that. I love to travel and hike and take pictures, and you spend any time here, you’ll find I’m a little obsessed with my rescue dog, Sadie.

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