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  • New home, new name
    Hello my beloved readers of Everything and A Racehorse! The time has come. After some number of years (I’m too lazy to count), I’ve decided to change the title of this blog and move it over to another platform. You can read about that decision here, if you’d like. I’m now writing at Square PegContinue reading “New home, new name”
  • Just 11 days to go
    I was so glad to say goodbye to January that I turned my calendar over one day early. Or actually, I thought about doing it, but ruthlessly slapped my hand away from the pushpin because by god, we don’t break those rules in this house. Not sure when we became so strict about such things,Continue reading “Just 11 days to go”
  • 5 moments when people didn’t suck
    And sometimes, like tonight, I get a glimpse of people being good to each other.


Everything and a Racehorse

I’m a marketing/communications professional with a passion for making things better. This is my personal blog, so you’ll find lots of posts about travel, hiking, and taking pictures. And, if you spend any time here, you’ll find I’m a little obsessed with my rescue dog, Sadie.

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