New home, new name

Hello my beloved readers of Everything and A Racehorse!

The time has come. After some number of years (I’m too lazy to count), I’ve decided to change the title of this blog and move it over to another platform. You can read about that decision here, if you’d like.

I’m now writing at Square Peg Round Hole, hosted by Substack, a new online publishing platform that is email-based and full of wonderful writers that I could only hope to emulate someday.

If you’ve been kind enough to follow me here, I hope you’ll consider subscribing on Substack. Anytime I post, you’ll get an email in your inbox, and that’s the entire gist of it. Simple and easy.

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting over the years. I am always amazed and humbled that people actually read my words, and I’m grateful. I hope to see you over on Square Peg Round Hole!

Got thoughts or suggestions? Share 'em and make my day!

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