Falling back on the words of history

It was a very interesting time, sociologically speaking, to be in DC this past weekend.  At the risk of being obvious, some big stuff has happened in the last few years on the national political scene, as well as back home in Arkansas. I’ve always loved DC.  I first visited during Close Up (remember that?)Continue reading “Falling back on the words of history”

The travel tip that’s gonna make me famous

So, as I sauntered out into the sticky, manure-scented air upon my return to Arkansas this evening, I realized that I might, quite frankly, be a genius. See, I have never, in all my years as a traveler to destinations both foreign and domestic, come across this particular travel tip.  Oh, I’m sure that it’sContinue reading “The travel tip that’s gonna make me famous”

Day One

A year ago today, I was in Seattle with my brother.  We were probably at the Pike Place Market goggling at the flowers and produce.  It was cool and grey, a welcome respite from the insufferable Arkansas heat and humidity.  In a few days, my friend Jenn would arrive and we’d travel to Portland andContinue reading “Day One”

A few more bits of awesome

I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks lately.  I watched one the other day titled “What’s so funny about mental illness?“, and I have to admit there was a theory in there that has rocked my world.  To paraphrase, human brain chemistry hasn’t caught up with the fact that, in the first world atContinue reading “A few more bits of awesome”

Ode to the Big Apple

It might be that I’m still hungover from my Paris trip, or that I’m finding my small town a little, well, small these days. It could be because we’ve been enjoying cold, grey and Northeastern weather patterns of late. Or it could be that I feel like it’s harder than ever to convince people inContinue reading “Ode to the Big Apple”