Falling back on the words of history

It was a very interesting time, sociologically speaking, to be in DC this past weekend.  At the risk of being obvious, some big stuff has happened in the last few years on the national political scene, as well as back home in Arkansas. I’ve always loved DC.  I first visited during Close Up (remember that?)Continue reading “Falling back on the words of history”

Memorial Day Musings

Memorial Day began after the Civil War. Did you know that?  It’s a holiday meant to honor the soldiers who can’t hear our tributes any more; the ones who died in service to our country.  Of course, we also honor those who made it home alive, and their families, and the ones currently serving.  ButContinue reading “Memorial Day Musings”

Ramblings re: Guns, learning, politics and musicals

I had a lovely chat with a friend and colleague today; our conversation ranged all over, from basketball to politics to theater.  He and his work colleagues had a scare yesterday; someone brought a gun in his backpack to their office, and while showing it to another worker, it went off.  The gun owner wasContinue reading “Ramblings re: Guns, learning, politics and musicals”