Auntie Jodi

Y’all, I’ve kept this quiet for a long time, but finally, I can spill it. I’m gonna be an aunt.  Yup.  Auntie Jodi is in the house. My little (clearly not so little anymore) bro is gonna be a dad.  To what will obviously be a kind, smart, beautiful and maybe-just-a-little-spoiled-by-her-aunt (but in a goodContinue reading “Auntie Jodi”

Grateful for snail mail

This is the time of year when I realize that I’ve watched my friends’ kids grow up via Christmas card.  I’m so GLAD we still have snail mail to deliver these little time capsules to my mailbox.  They go up on the wall above my home desk and I glance at them and marvel thatContinue reading “Grateful for snail mail”