Memorial Day Musings

Memorial Day began after the Civil War. Did you know that?  It’s a holiday meant to honor the soldiers who can’t hear our tributes any more; the ones who died in service to our country.  Of course, we also honor those who made it home alive, and their families, and the ones currently serving.  ButContinue reading “Memorial Day Musings”

Little things that are awesome

I was going to write a blog post about the phrase “The Devil’s Advocate”, and I still may, but I find I’m not quite ready for a dissection of a linguistic idiom.  Instead, I feel like sharing stuff like this: These are the fleurs that arrived on my desk on Friday. See, it was myContinue reading “Little things that are awesome”

The awesomeness of an uneventful Thanksgiving

On the plane ride home from Florida this evening, I was surrounded by families and kids, most of whom were probably on their way back from a grand adventure to Disney World or Universal Studios.  I felt a frisson of jealousy when I pondered the downright sedate nature of my own personal holiday, but thenContinue reading “The awesomeness of an uneventful Thanksgiving”