Why I am DONE with weather.com

When I lived in Arkansas, locals would proudly proclaim “Don’t like the weather? Wait 10 minutes!” They did the same in Wisconsin. The do the same here in Boston. We are obsessed with weather. It has to be one, if not the most talked about subject on facebook. Perhaps it’s because everyone experiences it…or becauseContinue reading “Why I am DONE with weather.com”

Ramblings re: Guns, learning, politics and musicals

I had a lovely chat with a friend and colleague today; our conversation ranged all over, from basketball to politics to theater.  He and his work colleagues had a scare yesterday; someone brought a gun in his backpack to their office, and while showing it to another worker, it went off.  The gun owner wasContinue reading “Ramblings re: Guns, learning, politics and musicals”