The travel tip that’s gonna make me famous

So, as I sauntered out into the sticky, manure-scented air upon my return to Arkansas this evening, I realized that I might, quite frankly, be a genius.

See, I have never, in all my years as a traveler to destinations both foreign and domestic, come across this particular travel tip.  Oh, I’m sure that it’s been offered up before on the interwebs, but I’m not going to look for it; I’m going to revel in what it must feel like to be the first to come up with something, because let’s face it, unless you’re a Nobel Laureate or a popular blogger, it’s not likely to happen to most of us mortals.

This tip relates to parking, and how it’s often impossible to remember where you parked at a airport.  I KNOW this happens to many people, and though it did once prompt a fairly charmed moments amid snow flurries a few a years back, when a friend spotted me toting my bag forlornly through the lot and felt compelled to gallantly offer assistance as violins swelled in the background a la It’s A Wonderful Life, it’s a bummer.   After all, in most cases, you’ve spent the day in a special brand of purgatory, eating crappy airport food and sitting next to a) screaming children; b) dudes with really loud headphones; c) mouth snorers or d) all of the above for hours.  You’re grumpy, dirty and done with basically everybody and everything.

Lucky for you, I have the solution.

When you arrrive at the airport, park normally.  Then walk about 20 paces, do a 180, pull out your camera phone (because you’ve probably already taken 10 pictures to document your trip, right? Right?) and take a shot of the signs indicating the section you’ve parked in.

Then, forget about it, and enjoy your trip.  When you get back, revist that photo and you can be like me this evening, heading with laser focus to section E8, just to the right of the Exit sign with the big tree next to it…and you can be on your way.


I mean come on.  You’re going to instagram, facebook and otherwise photo-journal your way through your trip anyway, so why not do something practical with your obsessive need to capture?

Voila.  There is it.  The tip that’s gonna catapult me to fame, bring me millions of readers, and make the world clamor to pay me for more such divine wisdom.  I’m talking speaking engagements and book deals here, people.

Well, at the very least, a few of you might have an easier time finding your car after your next trip. That’s something.   Happy Trails!

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