A little girl and her art

I have this friend. I’ve known her most of my time in Arkansas. I was her friend when her daughter, whom we’ll call May, was born. One of the amazing parts about being in Arkansas as long as I have been is that I’ve been able to watch May grow up into a remarkable littleContinue reading “A little girl and her art”

Technology is rad, y’all

I don’t like to use the word rad very much, because it feels like I’m trying a little too hard to be hipper than I actually am. But I have had some rad experiences thanks to technology these last few days. Oddly, this all became clear to me today as I found an offer onContinue reading “Technology is rad, y’all”

Lunchtime Laudable: War Horse

Since I announced that I’m leaving my current job later this summer, there are times when I get a big pang of sadness…usually when I realize I’ve come upon a “last”. ¬†While I won’t miss my last 10 meeting day, I realized yesterday that I was witnessing my last Broadway load in as the crewContinue reading “Lunchtime Laudable: War Horse”

Ode to the Big Apple

It might be that I’m still hungover from my Paris trip, or that I’m finding my small town a little, well, small these days. It could be because we’ve been enjoying cold, grey and Northeastern weather patterns of late. Or it could be that I feel like it’s harder than ever to convince people inContinue reading “Ode to the Big Apple”

Stickworks in the snow

I don’t usually do posts that are just about photos, because I’m not a professional (and I know many of them), and I know that amateur IPhotographers like me drive them nuts. But today we had our first (and probably last) snow of the season, and I was able to take some cool winter picsContinue reading “Stickworks in the snow”