Day 13 in Paris: Montmartre, Sacre Coeur and heading home

1/6/13 Post-Normandie, we returned to the City of Lights for one day more (if you’re singing the Les Mis song, we are kindred spirits).  Our destination: Montmartre, a neighborhood in north Paris where the artists ruled, where the Moulin Rouge of lore was (and is) and where street art, pickpockets and tourists abound. One smallContinue reading “Day 13 in Paris: Montmartre, Sacre Coeur and heading home”

Day 6 in Paris…and Beaune…and Alsace…

12/30/12 Day 6 couldn’t have come at a better time. I am loving Paris SO MUCH, but as a country girl at heart, sometimes I start to wish for a little green.  So we set off for parts unknown, aka the Alsace region.  But before we did, we had to head across town to pickContinue reading “Day 6 in Paris…and Beaune…and Alsace…”

Day 5 in Paris

12/29/12 Day 5.  Today was about museums a little off the beaten path.  Just a little, mind you.  After all, we’re still in Paris.  Before we begin, though, check out this little display a few blocks from Jenn’s flat.  As we are here longer, we’re having more and more fun with the signs; some ofContinue reading “Day 5 in Paris”

Paris – day deux

What do you get when you mix sunshine, “Arab” art, elephants, booksellers, classical music and too much wine? Why, you get our second full day in La Cité des Lumiéres. So, day two, picking up where we left off in yesterday’s post, began with a stroll across the Seine river (with an appearance by theContinue reading “Paris – day deux”