Grey day photos and musings

It’s another grey day in Arkansas. Over on my facebook page, I’ve been having fun sharing photos that make me feel calm and inspired.  This seems to be a reaction to the tension in my work life these days; it helps to remember the peaceful and pretty places I’ve visited in the last few years,Continue reading “Grey day photos and musings”

Post-vacation blues, or I just wanna watch TV syndrome

Y’all, this is very, very sad. I have no photos to share. None. The only new photos on my IPhone since I got back from France are of my dog, and let’s face it, those are not interesting to anyone but me.  So the photo above (looking out of the window of the abbey atContinue reading “Post-vacation blues, or I just wanna watch TV syndrome”

Day 13 in Paris: Montmartre, Sacre Coeur and heading home

1/6/13 Post-Normandie, we returned to the City of Lights for one day more (if you’re singing the Les Mis song, we are kindred spirits).  Our destination: Montmartre, a neighborhood in north Paris where the artists ruled, where the Moulin Rouge of lore was (and is) and where street art, pickpockets and tourists abound. One smallContinue reading “Day 13 in Paris: Montmartre, Sacre Coeur and heading home”

Day 11 & 12 in France: Bayeux and Normandie

1/4 and 1/5/13 Bayeux was our home base for two nights, and while we had a good time there, I would give a word of advice to travelers going to the Normandy area in January; everything is closed, what little is open takes a nice siesta at lunch, and there’s not much to do onceContinue reading “Day 11 & 12 in France: Bayeux and Normandie”

Day 10: Mont St. Michel & more

1/3/13 So, remember how I mentioned we were staying in a chateau of our own on Day 9?  Coincidentally, we were still there on Day 10.  That’s what happens when you stay there for a night. 🙂 This place, chateau de Quengo, was delightful. It was an old family home kept by a sweet coupleContinue reading “Day 10: Mont St. Michel & more”