A Yankee’s first Civil War re-enactment: the silly and the serious

I went to a Civil War re-enactment on Saturday.  It’s taken me a while to figure out how to blog about it; how to strike the right tone of respectful and incredulous. I grew up in New England.  The war I studied as a kid (and remember studying) is the Revolutionary War.  For me, theContinue reading “A Yankee’s first Civil War re-enactment: the silly and the serious”

Day 11 & 12 in France: Bayeux and Normandie

1/4 and 1/5/13 Bayeux was our home base for two nights, and while we had a good time there, I would give a word of advice to travelers going to the Normandy area in January; everything is closed, what little is open takes a nice siesta at lunch, and there’s not much to do onceContinue reading “Day 11 & 12 in France: Bayeux and Normandie”

Day 10: Mont St. Michel & more

1/3/13 So, remember how I mentioned we were staying in a chateau of our own on Day 9?  Coincidentally, we were still there on Day 10.  That’s what happens when you stay there for a night. 🙂 This place, chateau de Quengo, was delightful. It was an old family home kept by a sweet coupleContinue reading “Day 10: Mont St. Michel & more”

Day 4 in Paris

12/28/12 Well, after Day 3, we all needed a little domesticity, so Day 4 started a little slow.  We didn’t leave the flat until after noon!  But that didn’t keep us from finding coolness in the city. Like, for example, this gorgeous subway station: Yes, you read that right – subway/metro station.  Let me sayContinue reading “Day 4 in Paris”