A summer of books

Confession time. I might have a reading problem. See, I spent the summer looking for a job. Well, most of the time I did, because, let’s face it, job hunting can be a challenge to even the strongest of hearts and minds. There were a few moments of doing contract work, and even the occasionalContinue reading “A summer of books”

Post-vacation blues, or I just wanna watch TV syndrome

Y’all, this is very, very sad. I have no photos to share. None. The only new photos on my IPhone since I got back from France are of my dog, and let’s face it, those are not interesting to anyone but me.  So the photo above (looking out of the window of the abbey atContinue reading “Post-vacation blues, or I just wanna watch TV syndrome”

Day 13 in Paris: Montmartre, Sacre Coeur and heading home

1/6/13 Post-Normandie, we returned to the City of Lights for one day more (if you’re singing the Les Mis song, we are kindred spirits).  Our destination: Montmartre, a neighborhood in north Paris where the artists ruled, where the Moulin Rouge of lore was (and is) and where street art, pickpockets and tourists abound. One smallContinue reading “Day 13 in Paris: Montmartre, Sacre Coeur and heading home”

Day 8 in France – you should really check out days 1-7

Well, day 8 was a travel day, and two of the three of us were still sick fighting this nasty French cold, so there wasn’t much to report.  Poor Jenn; she’s not sick with the cold, but having to deal with the two of us…ugh.  Anyway, we drove back from Strasbourg, hung out at theContinue reading “Day 8 in France – you should really check out days 1-7”

Day 6 in Paris…and Beaune…and Alsace…

12/30/12 Day 6 couldn’t have come at a better time. I am loving Paris SO MUCH, but as a country girl at heart, sometimes I start to wish for a little green.  So we set off for parts unknown, aka the Alsace region.  But before we did, we had to head across town to pickContinue reading “Day 6 in Paris…and Beaune…and Alsace…”