Day 5 in Paris

12/29/12 Day 5.  Today was about museums a little off the beaten path.  Just a little, mind you.  After all, we’re still in Paris.  Before we begin, though, check out this little display a few blocks from Jenn’s flat.  As we are here longer, we’re having more and more fun with the signs; some ofContinue reading “Day 5 in Paris”

Day 4 in Paris

12/28/12 Well, after Day 3, we all needed a little domesticity, so Day 4 started a little slow.  We didn’t leave the flat until after noon!  But that didn’t keep us from finding coolness in the city. Like, for example, this gorgeous subway station: Yes, you read that right – subway/metro station.  Let me sayContinue reading “Day 4 in Paris”

Day 3 in Paris

As Day 4 begins, let’s do a quick recap of Day 3, 12/27/12. After a mere few hours of sleep, we crawled out of bed and headed out to our tour of Le Palais Garnier, the incredible building that houses the Opera of Paris. This building…just…wow. Huge, ornate, ostentatious yet glorious at the same time.Continue reading “Day 3 in Paris”

Paris – day deux

What do you get when you mix sunshine, “Arab” art, elephants, booksellers, classical music and too much wine? Why, you get our second full day in La Cité des Lumiéres. So, day two, picking up where we left off in yesterday’s post, began with a stroll across the Seine river (with an appearance by theContinue reading “Paris – day deux”

Day 1 in Paris

Twas the day after Christmas And all through the flat Not a creature was stirring Except me, how weird is that? Bonjour from Paris, mes amis!  It’s about 8:40am local time, and I’ve been awake since about 8, pondering why, after spending yesterday day kicking some pretty serious jet lag’s butt, I’m not still sleeping. Continue reading “Day 1 in Paris”