Where do you find wonder?

I’ve been a bad arts person lately. I haven’t been to see a lot of live shows. A few years back, I lived for going to theater and dance and music. These days I’m lucky if I go to one show every couple of months. There are reasons for this. One is that TV isContinue reading “Where do you find wonder?”

TEDxFayetteville: I have smart and awesome friends

A few months back, I was lucky enough to be part of the TEDxFayetteville planning team. We produced a pretty neat day of TEDx talks.  If you’re not familiar with TED, here’s how you learn more. Basically, it’s a movement of people sharing ideas and stories.  There’s a big conference each year that mere mortalsContinue reading “TEDxFayetteville: I have smart and awesome friends”

Technology is rad, y’all

I don’t like to use the word rad very much, because it feels like I’m trying a little too hard to be hipper than I actually am. But I have had some rad experiences thanks to technology these last few days. Oddly, this all became clear to me today as I found an offer onContinue reading “Technology is rad, y’all”

Rulk, Interrupted

Well, it’s happened.  I’ve officially  made a category for exercise/weight loss on this blog.  I suppose since I’m supposed to be writing about my life, and much of my life is about exercise/weight loss, it’s appropriate.  But, still, sigh.  I thought maybe I could pretend my life wasn’t about losing weight, but alas, to thineContinue reading “Rulk, Interrupted”

Giveaway: Tickets to One Night of Queen

This is it, y’all!  My first giveaway on my new blog platform.  It took me a while because I was wrestling with the ethical question of if it’s ok to do a giveaway for the place that employs me.  After consulting a few experts, it would seem I’m ok as long as I disclose myContinue reading “Giveaway: Tickets to One Night of Queen”