TEDxFayetteville: I have smart and awesome friends

TEDxFayetteville graphic

A few months back, I was lucky enough to be part of the TEDxFayetteville planning team. We produced a pretty neat day of TEDx talks.  If you’re not familiar with TED, here’s how you learn more. Basically, it’s a movement of people sharing ideas and stories.  There’s a big conference each year that mere mortals like me can’t afford to attend, and lots of local versions that highlight the smart people in our communities.

TEDxFayetteville’s theme was Discovery.  I’m lucky enough to know some pretty smart and cool folks who discover new things every day, and help other people discover them. Here are three videos of my friends at TEDxFayetteville.  I’ve been blessed to discover them in my time in Northwest Arkansas, and now invite you to do the same.

Daniel Hintz, director of Downtown Bentonville and all around zany, inspiring dude, talking about place and community design:

Kyle Kellams, News Director at our local NPR Affiliate, KUAF, defending small talk:

Bryan Hembree and Three Penny Acre, helping the audience discover new music:

PS:  If you want to see all of the TEDxFayetteville speakers, click here.

PPS: Just a little shameless self-promotion:  I got to speak at TEDxBentonville in October 2012.  You can view my talk on Becoming an Arts Ecosystem here.

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