Top 1 reason I’m grumpy

“Top Number” lists are sneaky little buggers. Google likes them, and so do we humans.  They make things neat and simple for us.   They aren’t everything about a subject. They aren’t objective or well researched; they are simply today’s latest humor/snark packaged in a way that tickles something in our brains.  Most writers willContinue reading “Top 1 reason I’m grumpy”

TEDxFayetteville: I have smart and awesome friends

A few months back, I was lucky enough to be part of the TEDxFayetteville planning team. We produced a pretty neat day of TEDx talks.  If you’re not familiar with TED, here’s how you learn more. Basically, it’s a movement of people sharing ideas and stories.  There’s a big conference each year that mere mortalsContinue reading “TEDxFayetteville: I have smart and awesome friends”

The way a weekend should be…sort of

I might have hit a turning point in my life this past week.  It’s nothing I can talk about in this public forum, but it might be that something has begun that will change things.  But really, I say that almost every few weeks.  Whether it’s thinking something really good is about to happen onContinue reading “The way a weekend should be…sort of”

Awesomesocks, EL GORDO and other news only fit to blog

At the National Arts Marketing Project Conference a few months back, I learned a few special new words. What these words all had in common was their universal ability to irk me. Here are the culprits: sitch (short for situation, used mostly verbally) sesh (short for session, used in twitter parlance) Prezi (the name ofContinue reading “Awesomesocks, EL GORDO and other news only fit to blog”