10 signs of getting older…

Not old, mind you.  Just older. 1. You’re mingling at an office event and realize that the 20-somethings are in that cluster over there, and you’re not with them. 2. The song that was #1 in your birth year is considered an “oldie”. 3. You can remember major national events that happened almost 20 yearsContinue reading “10 signs of getting older…”

Christmas in Florida, and other paradoxes

Let’s face it.  Having Christmas in 80% weather is just…weird.  Oh, sure, for those who didn’t grow up in New England, it’s normal, but for proud Yankees like me, even after many years, it’s still a little strange to see Christmas lights decorating palm trees instead of pines, and sprawling stone houses instead of neat,Continue reading “Christmas in Florida, and other paradoxes”

Adventures at Lake Wilson

There are some things progeny do that we probably shouldn’t tell our parents about. For example, there were a few things on my travels in Europe during college that I will never share.  Sorry, Dad.  Some things are better left unsaid. Yet, what’s a blog for if not to share life’s adventures with a fewContinue reading “Adventures at Lake Wilson”

Chili, blogs and cookies. Two of the three are not good for my diet.

Good grief.  I guess the holiday season is here.  Seriously, it’s pretty insane the amount of food and fellowship I’ve already been exposed to over the last week, and that I’ve exposed my twitter and facebookverse to as well.  Allow me to go on the record and officially apologize to all my dieting friends forContinue reading “Chili, blogs and cookies. Two of the three are not good for my diet.”