10 signs of getting older…

Not old, mind you.  Just older.

1. You’re mingling at an office event and realize that the 20-somethings are in that cluster over there, and you’re not with them.

2. The song that was #1 in your birth year is considered an “oldie”.

3. You can remember major national events that happened almost 20 years ago.

4. It is slightly possible that Tom Cruise might, maybe, perhaps be making something resembling a comeback. 

5.  Friday night is recovery night.  Not from a hangover, but from work.  It’s best spent relaxing.  On Saturday, you’re ready to go out.

6. It’s not uncommon for people your age to have several kids, some approaching teen years (and they weren’t teen parents!)

7.  You’re slightly jealous of those who are retired, and have stopped saying “oh, I can’t imagine not working.  I’d go crazy.”

8. Marriage, babies, divorce; you’ve had 2-5 year cycles of each among your friends. 

9. The idea of another social media platform that you need to be on just makes you tired.

10.  It’s harder to sleep until 11am – you really have to work at it.

11.  Sports figures who are your age are reaching the “autumn” of their careers.

12.  You forget how to count to 10.

This post was generously sponsored by my extremely well named friend Jody who shared a tweet on Pintarest from another blogger (I know, this social media thing is getting out of control) about prepping meals to be thrown in the Crock Pot.  When I was 18, 20, 25 or even 30, I would never, NEVER have considered seeking ways to prepare healthy meals weeks in advance.  But nowadays, I’m taking more of a longer view.  I can see ahead to those years when, if I’m not eating my veggies today, I might suffer for it.   The reality of how hard it will be to save for retirement has me trimming costs where I can (well, sometimes), and appreciating how bringing home lots of fruits and veggies lowers my shopping bills.

I think mostly, though, these thoughts come about because all around me, people are growing up.  Homes are being purchased and babies are being born.  Parents are retiring. We’re all just…getting older.  It’s not bad.  It’s life.  It’s disconcerting, yes, but I think the key is to recognize it, laugh about it, and then get on with it.

I can’t wait to prep meals tomorrow. 

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