When others write my words

WARNING – BAD WORDS AHEAD. I think there’s an acronym for that, right? Someone tell me what it is! *** As an infrequent blogger, I fret about strange things. Like – can I write about feminism when I like Game of Thrones? How do I write a political post without setting off a conflict withContinue reading “When others write my words”

Sidewalk Snippets: 3/14/14

Welcome to the 2nd in my new series. For more on the genesis of this idea, click here. But the gist of it is this: I am fascinated by what I hear as I walk down the sidewalks in my new city: tiny audio snapshots of life that never get completed. Here are some ofContinue reading “Sidewalk Snippets: 3/14/14”

To Pee or not to Pee…that is apparently the question

Dog parks are dirty…nay, I’d go so far as to say filthy…places.  They are an enclosed parcel of grass that has been urinated, pooped and slobbered upon by hundreds of dogs.   They seem to fall at the bottom of the city park grass mowing schedule, so they are often full of ankle-tickling, chigger-housing grass.Continue reading “To Pee or not to Pee…that is apparently the question”

Top 1 reason I’m grumpy

“Top Number” lists are sneaky little buggers. Google likes them, and so do we humans.  They make things neat and simple for us.   They aren’t everything about a subject. They aren’t objective or well researched; they are simply today’s latest humor/snark packaged in a way that tickles something in our brains.  Most writers willContinue reading “Top 1 reason I’m grumpy”

Wednesday Wit, Wisdom and Weirdness

Happy Wednesday all. It’s a fairly stunning day in Arkansas and here I sit on the patio at Arsaga’s at the Depot, where I trade too-loud music for a lovely view and yummy summer beverages. Wednesday Wit Check out this Wednesday-appropriate video courtesy of my brother; it makes him crack up, and imagining him crackingContinue reading “Wednesday Wit, Wisdom and Weirdness”