Wednesday Wit, Wisdom and Weirdness

Happy Wednesday all. It’s a fairly stunning day in Arkansas and here I sit on the patio at Arsaga’s at the Depot, where I trade too-loud music for a lovely view and yummy summer beverages.

Wednesday Wit

Check out this Wednesday-appropriate video courtesy of my brother; it makes him crack up, and imagining him cracking up cracks me up.


While in Walgreens today, I was greeted by the cheeriest checkout lady ever. After greeting me warmly, she greeted a colleague equally warmly and asked how she was doing. The colleague responded with: “Great! My friend sent me new bootie patterns.”

The checkout lady looked at me blankly, a flash of horror crossing her friendly face, and stammered to her friend: “What do you mean?” Her friend just kept saying “Bootie patterns! You know, bootie patterns?” I could see the nice lady getting more flustered, until finally I couldn’t take it anymore. Gathering up my receipts, I gave her a big smile, tapped my butt with a sassy hand, said “Not this kind of booty.” Then with a kick of my foot, said: “The feet kind.” As I walked out, a moment of silence was followed by gales of laughter and the 2nd woman proclaiming “Of course not. I’m a GRANDMA!”

My day, which was pretty awesome already, became 100% better after that.

Wednesday Widsom

“It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”

This cliche is pretty true for most things related to gravity and physics, but it is dead wrong when it comes to job hunting. Many folks have likened my recent life/job changes to “making the leap”, and by mutual agreement we all refrain from discussing what happens AFTER the leap. For me, the sudden stop is the part I long for; I’ll either be rejected, which will end the waiting and deliver a sense of relief, or I’ll get a job, which will be, well, quite good. But the fall, the living in limbo waiting for other people’s schedules to catch up to mine…that’s the part that kills me. I’ve had to work pretty hard to stay zen, being my own life coach, smacking my impatient hand each time I reach into the anxiety cookie jar.

Wednesday Weird

Today, before I arrived here at the coffee shop with the great patio, I drove by the parking lot 3 times. This coffee shop is next to a parking lot where I once got booted after parking without paying for 5 minutes (more on that here), and I vowed when that happened never to give that parking company more of my money. So I drove around and did errands (including setting up my business bank account – I’m officially a consultant now!) and kept coming back, hoping for a parking spot in the free spaces. I could have gone somewhere else, but I really wanted this patio. Weird? I think it might be, but I prevailed in the end.

Happy day to all – I hope you prevail in whatever you’re up to!

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