Fall trees, or a sign of change to come

Fall in the Ozarks is a glorious time. On a sunny, blue-skied day, even the most skeptical among us probably believe in some form of higher power, because it’s just inspiring to imagine that the fiery reds and yellows and oranges result from the sweep of a divine brush over the landscape. And then youContinue reading “Fall trees, or a sign of change to come”

Notes from Beantown

Well, I’m in Boston, y’all.  About to head home, but I’ve been here for about 5 days. Which is wicked cool, by the way. I’m here exploring a possible job opportunity, and it turns out that I’m also prompting some serious headwork about this whole job hunting thing. There are about a dozen different thoughtsContinue reading “Notes from Beantown”

Organizational Therapy

That sounds like some sort of management bullsh!# buzzword, doesn’t it?  But it’s not. I didn’t job hunt today.  I didn’t go seek a mobile office.  I will admit that today, I holed up in my cave a bit and did the hermit thing.  Well, the hermit-with-a-compulsion-to-file things…thing. I mean, what else should a girlContinue reading “Organizational Therapy”

Wednesday Wit, Wisdom and Weirdness

Happy Wednesday all. It’s a fairly stunning day in Arkansas and here I sit on the patio at Arsaga’s at the Depot, where I trade too-loud music for a lovely view and yummy summer beverages. Wednesday Wit Check out this Wednesday-appropriate video courtesy of my brother; it makes him crack up, and imagining him crackingContinue reading “Wednesday Wit, Wisdom and Weirdness”

Week 4 – Ready, go!

Well hello there everyone!  I haven’t blathered on about my job situation in a while…exactly three weeks, to be precise. Lord, has it only been three weeks?  It feels longer. So, what’s new, you might ask?  Not much.  I’m still without a full-time job.  I’m still searching for the perfect non-office workspace (today I’m atContinue reading “Week 4 – Ready, go!”