Week 4 – Ready, go!

Well hello there everyone!  I haven’t blathered on about my job situation in a while…exactly three weeks, to be precise.

Lord, has it only been three weeks?  It feels longer.

So, what’s new, you might ask?  Not much.  I’m still without a full-time job.  I’m still searching for the perfect non-office workspace (today I’m at Arsaga’s at the Depot, which has amazing decor and light, and a nice view (above) but music that’s a bit too loud for my taste).  I’m still very much enjoying being outside of “the office”.  Waking up when I want to wake up is dreamy.  I ordered some “personal” business cards today; that was weird.  I’m doing marginally better at cooking/preparing food at home.  Tomorrow I will re-register at the pool and start swimming again.  I’ve been walking and doing situps: I feel skinnier, even though I’m not…does that make sense?  I went to DC last weekend and had someone tell me I “think like an executive”, which was, well, nifty.

So why this blog entry?  I guess just to check in, mostly with myself.

The biggest revelation I’ve had over the last few weeks of job searching is that my timeline is different than the rest of the world.  Allow me to explain: I submit a resume and cover letter that I worked hours on, agonized over, proofed 16 times, agonized over some more, and took a big shot of tequila before hitting send (not really, but that’s an idea for my next one).  Then it’s gone.  And then…nothing.

Nothing for a day feels like a week.  Nothing for a week = a month.  And beyond that…well, at that point I compartmentalize because to do otherwise would be go to crazy.   For most jobs, actually, I will never hear anything, because for some reason, someone in a far off office decides to put me in the “no” pile.  I had one organization tell me they aren’t even considering people from out of town.  Really?

Ah well, I know there’s a reason for everything. Having been on the other side of this, many times, I get it.  I totally get it.

So, other than the waiting, all is well.  At the beginning of my 4th week, I’m hopeful for some movement, but I don’t want to tempt the gods too much by pushing.

But seriously, universe.  I’m being very chill and zen about this whole thing.  So, how about a little action this week?

I’m ready. Bring it.

4 thoughts on “Week 4 – Ready, go!

  1. I think we have the same timeline. Time after time I would panic just after a week of submitting a resume… “Why haven’t I heard from them?” “They must have hired someone else” “This week feels like an eternity!”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you – you’ll be an AWESOME asset to someone’s team.

    1. I know! But then, when you were taking applications…it always took a while, right? So patience must be a virtue. Just not one I’m terribly good at. 🙂 Thanks! I miss your face but am so happy to see you having such fun in your new adventure!

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