Cupcakes…or not

Domesticity alert!!

I’ve suddenly found myself seized by the urge to make cupcakes.  For the record, I have never, ever wanted to make cupcakes.

I blame my sister in law for this weirdness.  She is is clearly winning the domestic goddess award in our family.  Not only is she having our first grandchild/niece, but she and my brother just redid their bathroom, they’re building a firepit in their backyard, and they are nearly done with the nursery with 2.5 months left.  And she made totally yummy cupcakes (I had one, that’s how I know) AND she froze them.  Who knew you could freeze cupcakes?  I sure didn’t.

As for me, well, the broom that I swept cobwebs with a week ago has yet to be put back in it’s proper place, if you get my drift. I can’t make cupcakes, because I don’t have any fixings for cupcakes in my house.  This reminds me of a funny exchange with a pal recently:

Me:  So I got all excited to bake biscuits from my new recipe box the other night.  The recipe was super simple, just 4 ingredients and I was sure I had all 4 of them.  And I almost did.  Turns out, I’m out of flour.  Seriously!!!!  Who runs out of flour in her kitchen? 

My friend didn’t miss a beat.

Her: A Yankee.

Touché.  Touché indeed.

photo credit: massdistraction via photopin cc

3 thoughts on “Cupcakes…or not

  1. Love the dialogue in this post. And you can totally make cupcakes. Find a recipe and get to it!

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