When others write my words

WARNING – BAD WORDS AHEAD. I think there’s an acronym for that, right? Someone tell me what it is! *** As an infrequent blogger, I fret about strange things. Like – can I write about feminism when I like Game of Thrones? How do I write a political post without setting off a conflict withContinue reading “When others write my words”

It’s all relative

Many of you have read my laments about my lack of culinary skills on this blog…I have proudly proclaimed on more than one occasion that I’m not a foodie. However, last week, while visiting family, in idle conversation, they told me I was “getting foodie-ish.” I made that term up, because they said something else that IContinue reading “It’s all relative”

(non) Foodie Friday: Cupcake Calamity

“I’m not a foodie.” I say this alot, mostly to foodies, because they are always telling me how easy their recipe for truffle souffle with goat cheese and cilantro reduction is.  I don’t think they really understand me when I say I’m. Not. A. Good. Cook/Baker.  I’m the kind of person who does dumb thingsContinue reading “(non) Foodie Friday: Cupcake Calamity”

Another excuse to use the word “penultimate”

Last Thursday, I used “penultimate” to describe my next-to-last interview on our local NPR affiliate, and discovered that using such a word gets attention.  So naturally, I have to use it again. I also have to write down this day, because it’s been pretty overwhelming. I’ve had a summer cold for almost a week now,Continue reading “Another excuse to use the word “penultimate””