Another excuse to use the word “penultimate”

Last Thursday, I used “penultimate” to describe my next-to-last interview on our local NPR affiliate, and discovered that using such a word gets attention.  So naturally, I have to use it again. I also have to write down this day, because it’s been pretty overwhelming. I’ve had a summer cold for almost a week now,Continue reading “Another excuse to use the word “penultimate””

The myth of the awful all-nighter

It was 1998, or maybe 1999.  I was a green, eager college graduate working my first full time job that didn’t involve food service.  My boss, Jason Bourne (yes, that’s his real name) and I were burning software CDs for a client (for the record, and at the risk of making myself feel old, theseContinue reading “The myth of the awful all-nighter”