(non) Foodie Friday: Cupcake Calamity

“I’m not a foodie.” I say this alot, mostly to foodies, because they are always telling me how easy their recipe for truffle souffle with goat cheese and cilantro reduction is.  I don’t think they really understand me when I say I’m. Not. A. Good. Cook/Baker.  I’m the kind of person who does dumb thingsContinue reading “(non) Foodie Friday: Cupcake Calamity”

Lessons in inadequacy

A few weeks back, a couple of grad school friends trekked to Everest Base Camp.  I viewed the pictures of them looking fit and happy while slumped in my office chair feeling slothlike and boring. This past week, I stood on a pier at the Norfolk Navy base and watched as the USS Carr, aContinue reading “Lessons in inadequacy”