Sidewalk Snippets: 3/14/14

Welcome to the 2nd in my new series. For more on the genesis of this idea, click here. But the gist of it is this:

I am fascinated by what I hear as I walk down the sidewalks in my new city: tiny audio snapshots of life that never get completed. Here are some of my recent favorites:

Rhyme time

“I ran all the way down…from Chinatown.”

“That name, that name…I didn’t think it was lame.”

Canine lodging love

“One of them allows dogs, too, so there could be puppies in my future.” (I hope so, dear girl.)

That’s so JP (for you non-Bostonians, JP is my beloved wannabe hippie neighborhood, Jamaica Plain)

“Would you do me a huge favor? Pick me up a bag of organic orange cheese puffy chips?”

And my personal favorite, overhead today just before I got home: 

Little girl on a scooter, chasing after her big brother on his skateboard: “SAAAAAA-AAAAM!!! Remember how we say it differently? You say cannonball…I say GERONIMO!”

Geronimo, indeed. Happy Pi Day, y’all.

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