Excess button pushing can create confusion…or why my parents are awesome

My parents rock. Aside from working their butts off running a small business, raising two *ahem* stellar kids, retiring early and excelling at poker, they are also willing to try new things, like hiking in the Ozarks (pictured above) or, sometimes, diving into new technology, even under protest. My dad generally eschews technology yet somehowContinue reading “Excess button pushing can create confusion…or why my parents are awesome”

It’s “buying random stuff” night

Actually, if you know me, you’d know that I’d rather call this “buying random s#!t” night. I just love the way phrases like “buying s#!t” “breaking s#!t” and “getting s#!t% done” roll off the tongue, but in deference to those who care more about the arrangement of 4 letters in a certain order than IContinue reading “It’s “buying random stuff” night”

Sometimes all you can do is laugh

Some of the stuff that has gone down in my life has been pretty funny these last two days.  From silly dreams to the kind of happenings at work that are so incredibly unbelievable that all I can do is laugh in despair, I’ve been laughing a lot these two days.  It’s possible these littleContinue reading “Sometimes all you can do is laugh”

Gnome Thank You

Imagine you’re me.  You’ve just spent a long, laughter-filled day with two girlfriends,  drinking several glasses of wine, enjoying some homemade eggnog and baking more than 50 dozen cookies. Imagine trudging to your guest bed, eagerly awaiting the moment when you can lie down, pull up the covers, roll over, and crash to sleep. YouContinue reading “Gnome Thank You”