6 lessons I learned from couch surfing

I have no couch. I haven’t had one since back in December when I still lived in a 3br house in the Arkansas ‘burbs. I miss having a couch. I miss stretching out to watch TV or snuggle with my dog, or catch a nap in the sunshine on a weekend, after which I wakeContinue reading “6 lessons I learned from couch surfing”

10 meal experiment

Yeah, so, my food/eating habits have sucked for the last few weeks. I’m in transition, that weird place of counting down to leaving one job without another lined up, and well, that does muck with your head a bit.  At the beginning, I had tremendous confidence and energy about the whole situation.  Now, I haveContinue reading “10 meal experiment”

It’s “buying random stuff” night

Actually, if you know me, you’d know that I’d rather call this “buying random s#!t” night. I just love the way phrases like “buying s#!t” “breaking s#!t” and “getting s#!t% done” roll off the tongue, but in deference to those who care more about the arrangement of 4 letters in a certain order than IContinue reading “It’s “buying random stuff” night”

Holiday shopping survival tips

Other than a trip to the grocery store tomorrow, I am officially never shopping in America again…until 2013.   I’m sure I’ll drop some significant euros in France, but that’s another blog entry (or several). Surprisingly, I didn’t kill anyone, either personally or vehicular-ly, during this year’s shopping escapades, and I’m in a pretty chill moodContinue reading “Holiday shopping survival tips”