It’s “buying random stuff” night

Actually, if you know me, you’d know that I’d rather call this “buying random s#!t” night. I just love the way phrases like “buying s#!t” “breaking s#!t” and “getting s#!t% done” roll off the tongue, but in deference to those who care more about the arrangement of 4 letters in a certain order than I do, I have hereby dubbed tonight “buying random stuff” night.

It all started when I needed to get gas.  I have no qualms about driving two exits up the highway to Sam’s to save 20 cents per gallon.  While I was out, I figured I’d stop at the bookstore and buy some notecards.  See, I need them so I can send a note to my dad’s former accountant, who has done my taxes for years.  This year, the first time ever in my 37 years, I did them myself, and yet those nice folks at that little financial firm in NH (where neither I nor my parents live anymore) dutifully sent me my worksheet.  I figured I owed them a note on real notecards, so I bought these pretty things:


Then, since I was out, I figured I’d stop by the liquor store to spend some of my Christmas money.  My dad tried to get me a WSJ wine subscription this year, but apparently wine can’t be shipped into Arkansas.  I don’t know why this is, but I suspect it’s because wine leads to loose morals, and we have to protect our feeble-minded womenfolk from such temptation.  Our legislature should probably pass a law to make sure they can’t make that decision for themselves.

Whoops.  Did I just get snarky and political there?  Yeah, I think I did. Sorry about that. I won’t apologize.

Anyway, while I was in France last month, we traveled to the Alsace region, where I had some of the best light, fruity red wines I’ve ever tasted.   It was with faint hope that I headed to the “France” section of the wine store, but that hope was soon dashed when I realized that like most things of the culinary variety I fell in love with in France, none of those wines are available here.  So I settled on two of the more expensive bottles I could find, because, after all, I could.  Now I just need an occasion to drink them.  Anyone wanna come over? Special consideration will be given to single men.


And finally, thanks to a funny facebook exchange with my blogging pal Gina, I decided I needed to stop by the store and pick up a few essentials, including chocolate, in case we do indeed get the “maybe, possibly, it might happen” predicted snow/ice storm that is terrorizing the good people of this state.  I also picked up some butter, tortillas and broccoli, because after all, you can never be too prepared.



Clearly, no one could possibly have had a more awesome night than I did.  Bring it, weather.  I’m ready for you.

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