Stickworks in the snow

I don’t usually do posts that are just about photos, because I’m not a professional (and I know many of them), and I know that amateur IPhotographers like me drive them nuts.

But today we had our first (and probably last) snow of the season, and I was able to take some cool winter pics around Walton Arts Center, where I work.  See, back in May of 2012, we commissioned an artist named Patrick Dougherty to create a sculpture on our front plaza.  Being the weird Yankee that I am, I immediately wondered, upon it’s completion, what the sculpture would look like in the snow.

I have to admit I was getting a little grumpy at the thought that we might have a 2nd straight year sans la niege. So when it started snowing today, I ran down to the sculpture, titled “Out of the Woodwork” to take a few quick shots with my trusty IPhone.  With a little (just a little) help from a cool ap called Simply HDR, they came out really well.  Enjoy.




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