10 meal experiment

Yeah, so, my food/eating habits have sucked for the last few weeks.

I’m in transition, that weird place of counting down to leaving one job without another lined up, and well, that does muck with your head a bit.  At the beginning, I had tremendous confidence and energy about the whole situation.  Now, I have confidence, but the energy has left me.

When that happens, the outcomes are predictable.  It’s hard to force myself to walk the dog (I do it, but it requires self-bribery from time to time), the house stays messy and I eat out…a lot.  I try to be good with my take-out choices, but the simple fact is that by eating out, I’m upping portion size and probably consuming all kinds of hidden calories.

So yesterday I went shopping and have decided to start a 10 meal experiment; my goal is to get to the end of the week without eating out/getting takeout more than once.

Now to most of you foodie/domestic goddess types, this isn’t a big deal.  But for this confirmed bachelorette who’s a lousy cook to boot, it is.

So last night I made soup, from a package.  Yeah, yeah, I know, sodium content, I should make it from scratch with nothing but kale.  One step at a time, ‘kay?  And I assembled a pretty good salad of romaine lettuce, a little chicken, a tiny bit of shredded cheese, walnuts/craisins and ranch dressing made with low-fat sour cream and skim milk.   I allowed myself a Milano cookie for dessert.  I plan to add more veggies in the next salad.

Today, I’m starting the day with an egg English muffin sandwich (in honor of Adella) and a pineapple smoothie type thing that smells weird and feels funny on the tongue but tastes pretty good.

I have a busy couple of days coming up, with evening activities, and this is when my eating habits break down.  We’ll see how I fare with leftover soup and salads for the next couple of days.  And I think I have some ravioli in the freezer.  Mmmm…ravioli.  Maybe that’s my reward on Friday.

Thanks to http://www.foodphotosite.com for the photo.

UPDATE: Check out my progress on this experiment here.

4 thoughts on “10 meal experiment

  1. It’s so easy to eat unhealthy when you’re stressed, it’s like the most logical thing your brain tells you to do and make yourself feel better. Good luck with your cooking and enjoy it! 🙂

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