Holiday shopping survival tips

Other than a trip to the grocery store tomorrow, I am officially never shopping in America again…until 2013.   I’m sure I’ll drop some significant euros in France, but that’s another blog entry (or several).

Surprisingly, I didn’t kill anyone, either personally or vehicular-ly, during this year’s shopping escapades, and I’m in a pretty chill mood even after it’s all over.  I attribute that to several tactics that I hereby give to you:

1. Break up your shopping into segments – know what you want, and plan to go to the stores that are near each other.

2. Accept that you will have to walk from your car to the store.  And let’s face it, we can all use the exercise.

3.  Always turn right or use a traffic light.  Avoid left turns at all cost.

4.  Avoid Walmart & Target.

5. If you must go to Walmart or Target, go in the evening, on a weekday, around 9pm or 10pm.  You’ll breeze in and out with your sanity intact.

6.  Find some non-commercial Christmas tunes to keep you company.  It’s hard to be bitchy when Cantus is serenading you with their amazing a capella.

7.  Shop early (I didn’t do this, but I hear it works).

For those who aren’t done yet, I salute you.  Stay strong…you can do it.  And for those like me, who are done, try to keep the smugness to a minimum.  After all, everyone can’t be as awesome as we are.

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