Sometimes all you can do is laugh

Some of the stuff that has gone down in my life has been pretty funny these last two days.  From silly dreams to the kind of happenings at work that are so incredibly unbelievable that all I can do is laugh in despair, I’ve been laughing a lot these two days.  It’s possible these little tales won’t be funny to you.  That’s ok.  This entry is for me.

Travels with Matt Damon

MV5BMTQ3MDA4MDIyN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwOTg0Njk4._V1._SY317_Here’s how I know I’m over jet lag; I’ve started to have my weird “just before waking” dreams the last few mornings.  The best one featured my fellow France adventurers, Jenn and Sarah, and Mr. Matt Damon.  Jenn was dating Matt (those who know her know why this isn’t a surprise) but for some reason he was leaving us behind on the 2nd to last day of our trip.  He packed up all of his stuff, including two gigantic blue duffel bags and a sparkly pink carry on, and left the flat, leaving all of those bags behind.  So naturally, we gals (and a whole bunch of other women we somehow picked up along the way) grabbed all his bags and followed him through the airport (which of course was right next to the flat).  I was really pissed at him for being such a jerk and leaving us before our trip was officially over.

Dreams are weird, y’all.

The Battery Adventures

For reasons known only to a few, I was compelled to work after quitting time yesterday.  After working away for a half hour or so, my computer mouse ran out of batteries. I went to the closet to get some…no luck.  This struck me as very funny (only I know why) and I shrugged and decided to go home after all.  Then today…still no batteries.  So I went down to the tech office, and asked if they had any.  Sure enough, they had a whole bin full, and as he was getting them for me, my co-worker asked me how many I needed.  Two, I replied.  Take six, he said.  And then he gave me a fake-serious look and said:

“These are special batteries, you know.”
Me: “Why?”
Him:  “They are Broadway batteries.” (We have to replace the batteries in every microphone pack each night, so there’s never any chance of them running out.)  “They might have been used by someone famous.  Of maybe by someone about to be famous. You never know.”

This really isn’t that funny, unless you know the man speaking.  He doesn’t tease, at least not in my experience.  But he was in a good mood.  And I was then in a good mood.  I’m grateful for these small things.

You’re a such a traitor

Tonight I had dinner with a friend/coworker (a lovely simple meal of soup, bread, cheese and apples and homemade cookies…almost French!).  She has a dog named Ruby.  Ruby has never been a big fan of mine, which is bizarre because I fancy myself a bit of dog whisperer.  But Ruby tends to bark at me and run away when I try to pet her.  My friend thinks it’s my “big curly hair.”

But tonight, Ruby and I reached a tentative peace, and she let me pet her for a while.  This, of course, meant trouble when I got home.  Here’s how I think it it played out in my dog’s head:

Key turns in the lock
“OMG OMG OMG OMG you’re HOME!!!”
human enters
“OMG, OMG, I’m so glad you’re home.  You’re awesome, I love you, you’re the best, OMG, pet me please…”
“Hang on.  WTF is that smell?”
“Is that another DOG?”
sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff
“OMG, it is.  It’s on your hands…and your feet…quit trying to pet me, you traitor…and your legs…and your hands…OMG.  I so hate you right now.”
sniff, pause, shrug
“Ok, I’m over it.  Go ahead and pet me.  And when are we going for a walk?  Right now, right?  Right?  RIGHT?”

It seems like Thursday was a tough day for many of you out there on the social interwebs.  We have a three day weekend; that’s why tomorrow will be awesome for me.  🙂 Hope it is for you, too.

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