Top 1 reason I’m grumpy

grumpy kitty

“Top Number” lists are sneaky little buggers. Google likes them, and so do we humans.  They make things neat and simple for us.   They aren’t everything about a subject. They aren’t objective or well researched; they are simply today’s latest humor/snark packaged in a way that tickles something in our brains.  Most writers will use them, because well, why not?

A few days ago, one of the “Top 5000 reasons you’re an introvert” thingies (are they  memes?  I confess to being a little confused at what is a meme and what isn’t) started to zip around the social medias.  I read one, and laughed a little because it described a lot of things about me; that I’m better in small groups, that sometimes I just need to leave a party or conference networking session to “recharge”, ie, not want to smack everyone and their super-duper-I’m-a-networking-champion faces.  And then I didn’t give it another thought, because, well, what does it matter?

Until today, when I saw this pop up in my facebook feed.

15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You’re an Extrovert

Yes, I know, it’s humor and I did chuckle a bit.  After all, those introvert emails/memes/whatever were replicating, and we can’t have that, right?  We’ve gotta have the snarky “other side” smackdown that calls a time out on the madness, right?

Usually, I’m down with calling bullsh!# on the interwebs, but when I saw this, something just…it was different…it made me grumbly.   And after pondering it for a bit, here’s why:

I am TIRED of everything having to be a competition.  Who’s busier, who’s more tired, who’s got more stress in her life, who’s the best cook, who funniest, who’s quickest to write the snarky comeback, who’s more ostracized, who’s more entitled, who’s got the best family, who takes the best photo,etc.   So introversion is the latest “I must have my quirks and issues validated by the social medias” fad.  So what?  Why do we feel this incessant need to “one-up” everyone and everything?

I’m tired of it.  True,  I don’t know what we should do instead, but surely better writers and smarter folks than me can figure it out.  It seems like we should be trying harder.

Ok, so my insulted-introvert-fed passive-aggressive rant is now over.  Time to get off the interwebs!   Happy Saturday!

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One thought on “Top 1 reason I’m grumpy

  1. Sometimes I think people will spontaneously combust if they come to realize that others share their quirks and that they aren’t all that special after all. We feel more confident when we adhere to the notion that we are unique. It’s self-preservation, in a way.

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