Technology is rad, y’all

I don’t like to use the word rad very much, because it feels like I’m trying a little too hard to be hipper than I actually am.

But I have had some rad experiences thanks to technology these last few days.

Oddly, this all became clear to me today as I found an offer on a flyer to subscribe to 3 free months of HBO.  I called ATT, went through their technologically UNadvanced phone system, and within moments, some person, probably in Bangladesh or some faraway place, hooked me up and BAM!  I had the ability to see new tv.

So I turned on HBO and there was…The Matrix.  The ultimate celebration/indictment of technology, if you will.  And it got me thinking.

Last night, I watched a man tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon…LIVE.  I could hear and see him on TV, and then I had my laptop open with 5 other camera views.  Plus, I had a facebook conversation with a friend in Boston as we held our breath (over the interwebs) and hoped we wouldn’t see tragedy play out live on TV.

And tonight, I listened to an orchestra perform live at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  I wasn’t there; I have an annoying summer cold and since it was an orchestra, I didn’t want to risk being glared at for coughing in the middle of a super quiet moment.  So I stayed at home and listened to it on the ap for our local public radio station on my IPhone, while tweeting and facebooking with my friends.  And for the 2nd half of the concert, I popped my headphones in and took a walk with my dog around the ‘hood, while listening to the concert LIVE.

I mean, come on.  Is that not cool?

I wrote this entry pretty quickly, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time editing it, but I do want to say thanks to the brains and the techies and the artists who made these things possible for me.

And, thanks to the AP for the photo above.

3 thoughts on “Technology is rad, y’all

    1. Me too, Logan. I forgot to mention that a bunch of people donated a bunch of money so we could pull this off. We shouldn’t forget that.

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