Day 8 in France – you should really check out days 1-7

Well, day 8 was a travel day, and two of the three of us were still sick fighting this nasty French cold, so there wasn’t much to report.  Poor Jenn; she’s not sick with the cold, but having to deal with the two of us…ugh.  Anyway, we drove back from Strasbourg, hung out at the flat, etc.  The exciting culinary/health thing I encountered was eating raw garlic with honey, which was weird but tasty and I think helpful, as my sinuses sure cleared up.

Later that evening, we headed over to a Packer bar (yes, even in Paris) to watch the Rose Bowl.  As Wisconsin fans, we were outnumbered by annoying Standford fans, but it was fun despite the loss.  I realized this was the only time I have watched TV since I’ve been here!  Awesome.

So, that was that.  Feel free to browse days 1-7 on the right, because days 9+ will be coming soon.

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