Day 9 in France: Castles, castles everywhere

Ok, so this day was pretty fantastic. We struck out from Paris in the morning, retrieving our rental car and getting back on the road.  Big news – it was sunny.  This, it turns out, is a rarity in France at this time of year, and would bode well for our picture-taking endeavours.  And onContinue reading “Day 9 in France: Castles, castles everywhere”

Day 8 in France – you should really check out days 1-7

Well, day 8 was a travel day, and two of the three of us were still sick fighting this nasty French cold, so there wasn’t much to report.  Poor Jenn; she’s not sick with the cold, but having to deal with the two of us…ugh.  Anyway, we drove back from Strasbourg, hung out at theContinue reading “Day 8 in France – you should really check out days 1-7”

Day 7: Colmar, Strasbourg and New Year’s eve

So, remember how I mentioned on Day 6 that we stayed in an elves cottage?  Here it is.  You be the judge: This place was called Les Loges, and it was in a town near Colmar, which was our next destination.  The people here were wonderful; they helped us fix an issue with our booking,Continue reading “Day 7: Colmar, Strasbourg and New Year’s eve”

Day 6 in Paris…and Beaune…and Alsace…

12/30/12 Day 6 couldn’t have come at a better time. I am loving Paris SO MUCH, but as a country girl at heart, sometimes I start to wish for a little green.  So we set off for parts unknown, aka the Alsace region.  But before we did, we had to head across town to pickContinue reading “Day 6 in Paris…and Beaune…and Alsace…”

Day 5 in Paris

12/29/12 Day 5.  Today was about museums a little off the beaten path.  Just a little, mind you.  After all, we’re still in Paris.  Before we begin, though, check out this little display a few blocks from Jenn’s flat.  As we are here longer, we’re having more and more fun with the signs; some ofContinue reading “Day 5 in Paris”