Feelin’ lucky in Boston

So, wow. It’s been quite an adventure these last weeks. I’ve landed myself a new job, visited Boston to get a taste of that job, found an apartment, returned to Arkansas, had Cookiefest, threw myself a party that people actually came to, had Thanksgiving, had many a poignant goodbye, packed up half of my life with the helpContinue reading “Feelin’ lucky in Boston”

Day 9 in France: Castles, castles everywhere

Ok, so this day was pretty fantastic. We struck out from Paris in the morning, retrieving our rental car and getting back on the road.  Big news – it was sunny.  This, it turns out, is a rarity in France at this time of year, and would bode well for our picture-taking endeavours.  And onContinue reading “Day 9 in France: Castles, castles everywhere”