On snow, cops and New Year’s Eve

So, remember, dear readers, when I and two awesome ladies spent New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg, France, backs to the wall, praying we wouldn’t witness the fiery death of a 50-foot Christmas tree as drunk and jubilant unsupervised French people set off whatever fireworks they could get their drunk and jubilant hands on? Read hereContinue reading “On snow, cops and New Year’s Eve”

Day 7: Colmar, Strasbourg and New Year’s eve

So, remember how I mentioned on Day 6 that we stayed in an elves cottage?  Here it is.  You be the judge: This place was called Les Loges, and it was in a town near Colmar, which was our next destination.  The people here were wonderful; they helped us fix an issue with our booking,Continue reading “Day 7: Colmar, Strasbourg and New Year’s eve”