Berlin or Bust – Day 1

So, I last left you at 2:30am as I departed Reykjavik for Berlin. Nothing much to report on that leg of the trip except we left about 90 minutes late and I spent the flight surrounded by a snoring, man-spreading seat mate and three international hipsters in the row behind me who Would. Not. Stop. talking for the whole flight.

But I arrived in Berlin unscathed, and was able to find my way immediately to our absolutely charming flat (another airbnb win) thanks to great directions and a public transit system that, for some reason, made instant sense to me.

Sarah arrived an hour or so later, and eventually we set out in search of food in our Schoeneborg neighborhood. We found a great little Greek place called Meyen Berlin, and I can just say again, I LOVE EATING IN EUROPE. The food is so fresh and flavorful without salt or preservatives, and you leave meals feeling like you actually did something good for your body, rather than fearing you hurt it somehow. We found a way to order yumminess even though the menus were in German, and then headed out to get supplies. This is always fun in European cities as there are markets every few blocks and they are full of vaguely familiar looking products – did you know the German word for fat (as in 1% milk) is fett? We grabbed some unrefrigerated eggs (still feels weird as an American) and a few other staples, then struck out to find an all important German-to-American electronics adapter…which we found, within walking distance…score!!

Then it was home to kill a few hours before we could surrender to blessed sleep. We watched a bit of the German History Channel, learning about a group of female Soviet fighter pilots called the Night Witches…in German. That put us to sleep pretty quickly!

More to come tomorrow! And PS, there are no photos of today because I didn’t take any. Unheard of, I know.

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