Sadie’s Corner: A dog’s eye view of March Madness

Ok, something’s going on around here these days.  It has something to do with basketball, I think, and whatever it is, is has my human zoned out on her couch.  Constantly.

It also had her pretty bummed earlier today when the Badgers lost (as they have repeatedly; I TOLD her not to build her bracket around them, but nobody listens to the dog).  I know this because I went to work with the humans today.

562153_10151543740931900_364410536_nWhile it’s definitely more interesting than hanging around the house all day, work is pretty lame, all things considered.  I mean, they basically sit around typing on their computers or talking to each other around tables.  I can tell that they’re pretty stressed out, which stresses me out, but most of them really like when I show up.

I tend to camp out by the door and squirrel/people watch.  With the humans, it’s usually the same situation; they are carefully climbing the stairs, which are strangely designed and require intense focus.  Then they look up and see me and it never fails that they smile and I get some petting when they come in the door.  I know my human worries about distracting people, but I happen to know that petting a dog lowers blood pressure, so she needs to chill out.  Plus, the sweet, cat-scented blond lady on her staff gave me a duck to chew on, which was pretty darn cool.

Anyway, the day ended on a high note, as a fellow canine named Poppy was also in the house…er…office.  Still a youngster, she had some energy to burn, so we chased each other up and down the hallways, until we got going too fast to avoid one of the humans and caused a bit of a collision.  Then, ahem, we were banished to our leashes and soon headed home.

So, I mentioned the basketball thing, right?  Yeah, so that’s what we’ve been doing for the last two nights; sitting on the couch watching TV.  My human keeps checking her phone to see how her bracket is doing, and I just sit and stare until she finally gets off her lazy butt and takes me for a walk.  We just did that, thank god, because I was about to start chewing on some shoes.  As a rule, I never indulge in such juvenile behavior, but when I don’t get my walk…it’s not pretty.  I can handle one night missed, but beyond that, I’ve gotta lay down the law.  After all, it’s not a lot to ask for 15 minutes of freedom each day, is it?

I think my human feels bad that we haven’t walked more.  She tried to bribe me with a rawhide bone today, which of course I ignored, and in fact, I totally forgot about it, which meant when I discovered it again a few minutes ago, it scared the crap out of me and I had to sniff, poke and bark at it for a while before my human reminded me that I’m allowed to eat it.  I’ll save that treat for tomorrow, though, because my spot on the couch is calling.

The human says I’m supposed to be rooting for Kansas.  They are currently not winning by enough of a margin for her comfort, so I guess I’ll say this – go Jayhawks.  Though I’m secretly pulling for the bulldogs of Butler.

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