Lunchtime Lament: Assumptions

I have 8 minutes to write this post, so I will just tell you about something that is completely confounding me.

For months, I’ve had a huge crack in my car windshield.  My insurance doesn’t cover repairing, so knowing it’s gonna cost me has kept me from repairing it.  But my parents are coming to visit next week, and so naturally, I feel the need to get it fixed.

So I called the dude recommended to me by my mechanic.  He popped a windshield into his truck, came to my parking lot and fixed it.  I didn’t have my checkbook or cash, so he left the receipt on the front seat with a carefree/old school “I know where y’are, I know you’re good for it.”

Smooth as a baby’s bottom, as they say.

Except for the blue tape.

There’s blue tape all along the edge of the windshield.  And I don’t know what to do with it. Take it off?  What if it needs to stay on for a day or so?  Is it holding my windshield on?  Did he just forget to take it off?

Why is it THERE?

I’ve determined it’s there to remind me that even things we think should be simple never are.  There are always assumptions made that one side of a deal doesn’t know.  We can let it drive us crazy, or we can just go with it.

I’m leaving the tape on until tomorrow.   No sense taking chances.

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Lament: Assumptions

  1. I like JRR’s comment.
    Also, I agree- there are so many things we do so many times in our own lives that we assume everyone else knows the who/what as well… and when nothing is said the miscommunication monster rears up. I hate that kid. Stupide miscommunication monster.

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