It is damn hot.

Oh, I know, I know.  We’ve had a mild summer here in Arkansas.  I know this.  But today, it is damn hot. How do I know it’s hot?  Usually, when I say the W-word (walk), my dog goes into spasms of freak out, jumping, barking, racing to the door as if to say “This way,Continue reading “It is damn hot.”

Rulk, Interrupted

Well, it’s happened.  I’ve officially  made a category for exercise/weight loss on this blog.  I suppose since I’m supposed to be writing about my life, and much of my life is about exercise/weight loss, it’s appropriate.  But, still, sigh.  I thought maybe I could pretend my life wasn’t about losing weight, but alas, to thineContinue reading “Rulk, Interrupted”


No one in my circle can really believe what’s gone down this week. We’ve had bombs at the Boston Marathon, where 3 people lost their lives, and many more their limbs. A fertilizer plant exploded in Texas, killing nearly 5 times that many and wounding hundreds. The Senate defeated a gun-control measure that by allContinue reading “Unsettled…”

A few more bits of awesome

I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks lately.  I watched one the other day titled “What’s so funny about mental illness?“, and I have to admit there was a theory in there that has rocked my world.  To paraphrase, human brain chemistry hasn’t caught up with the fact that, in the first world atContinue reading “A few more bits of awesome”

Little things that are awesome

I was going to write a blog post about the phrase “The Devil’s Advocate”, and I still may, but I find I’m not quite ready for a dissection of a linguistic idiom.  Instead, I feel like sharing stuff like this: These are the fleurs that arrived on my desk on Friday. See, it was myContinue reading “Little things that are awesome”